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Our two table set up before everyone showed up



Oh boy. What a week-plus it’s been. Thanksgiving was a fantastic affair. We hosted at our house this year, as we’ve finally moved to a place that could accommodate a crowd. Members of both of our families came, and we were able to pack 16 people around two tables for a tremendous dinner. We shelled out the big bucks to eat ethically, and picked up a Misty Knoll Farms (VT) Turkey from City Feed & Supply in JP. At least we know he lived a good, happy life, unlike those poor souls who end up at the Butterball factory. I love to cook, I make a mean roast chicken, but I’ve never cooked a twenty pound turkey in my life. I heard more than one person say it was the best turkey they’ve ever had. (They are family, so maybe they were being kind)

When I toasted to our crew and gave gratitude, I expressed that we were all in different places last year, some of us more so than others. I was alluding to my dear sister-in-law, Taylor, who lives with Madison and me. Taylor went to the hospital the day before Thanksgiving last year with end-stage heart failure. She’s 25. I won’t go into great detail in the interest of privacy, but if you know us, you know the story or you’ve seen the posts on facebook and instagram. Taylor was given an LVAD (left ventricle assist device, or heart pump in layman’s terms) and was listed for transplant. Tuesday of this passed week, Taylor got the call that a heart was available. Nearly 24 hours after that call came in, she had a new heart and her surgery was complete. I can’t describe how grateful we all are for life, health, and the selfless organ donor and their family who had to experience the ultimate grief and sacrifice for Tay to get a second chance at a heart that works the way it’s supposed to.

Why do I bring this up on a blog that’s connected to a business? Because Taylor’s fight has put things in perspective at a time when maybe we could all use a little bit more. Thanksgiving means Christmas is coming, and in the world of retail, it’s a necessary beast we have to tackle every year. For the behemoth retailers, Black Friday kicks things off while we little guys settle for Small Business Saturday (at least such a thing exists). Here in Boston, it was a dreary, cold, and rainy day and there weren’t a million people lining up to walk the streets and #shopsmall. Oh well. The night Taylor got her new heart, we also held something called The South End Stroll, a holiday shopping night for those of us in the South End of Boston. It was cold and rainy again. While I heard some shops had better nights than others, it was a certifiable bust at Pioneer Goods. Double oh well. It’s corny, but Christmas really ought to be about family and not buying crap. (But if you insist on buying crap, we’re at 764 Tremont Street)

This business is my life-blood, except oh wait–it’s not. My family and friends, and my health and my perfectly working heart that I’ve taken for granted my whole life are my life-blood. Big blockbuster sales and shopper events that go off like gangbusters along with those that fizzle are just the cost of doing business, but in the end, they don’t matter. It was near impossible for me to post anything to social media to try and promote my business with all that was going on. I physically couldn’t. I also couldn’t write another blog post until I got this off my chest. I love my sister-in-law so very much and while we had a down week by the numbers, she provided the best week I can remember in forever.

Oh, and if you’re not an organ donor, become one for chrissake.

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