The Holidays

November 24, 2015 § 2 Comments

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I made mention that I planned to begin decorating the shop for the holidays, and I caught some grief from certain folks. I’m not sure what drew their ire more, that I used the term ‘holidays’ instead of Christmas, or that I planned to begin decorating prior to Thanksgiving. I don’t much care either way, and believe me, I’m rarely concerned with being politically correct. When it’s Christmas day, eve, or a Christmas party, best believe I’ll be wishing you Merry Christmas.

Is it me, or does it seem like complaining is at an all time high? I think part of that feeling comes from joining Facebook a year or so ago which I had to do to set up a business page. Facebook seems like nothing but complaints and political opinions. I dunno. I even saw an Instagram post last night from one of my favorite bloggers taking aim at when people write positive things on sandwich boards outside their shops. Hm. I’ve learned a lot about folks who I previously assumed were level-headed, kind-hearted people. I’m not saying they’re bad, either, but people certainly like to get worked up. And believe me, I’m not saying people need to stop or do as I say, because heaven knows that would be awfully hypocritical of me considering the topic. I know I’m going to continue to try and make a better effort to be kind and keep my shit to myself.

With that, I was able to do a big store revamp and do some light holiday decorating. Besides the first year I was running the Maison Decor shop on Harrison, I haven’t decorated heavily for Christmas, or any other holiday for that matter. It’s a lot of work, most of the stuff gets packed into boxes and takes up space in the basement, only to be dragged up again next year. I like adding lots of cut greens for a subtle, earthy festiveness and I always use the big old fat colored Christmas lights in my front window. Those suckers are awesome.

I posted some good looking shots of the interior of the store to Instagram and people seemed to dig ’em. After what has been a slower month than usual, people came out in droves this past weekend and our sales were blockbuster. I met so many awesome people and the second best way to my heart (after buying lots of our stuff) is to tell me how much you love the store. Still gets me every time. I heard that quite a bit last weekend, and I had neighborhood regulars bring their friends and loved ones in to show off the shop. I’m humbled by that, I really am. There was even a lovely lady who came in with her sister and her son early in the day only to return later in the afternoon with her husband to show him what he had missed. I love that!

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Happy Thanksgiving.



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